Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I'm a Zazzle Pro Seller!

I have recently been admitted to the exalted ranks of the Zazzle Prosellers (basic)! Hurrah!
For those that don't know about this award that Zazzle offer take a look at this page, all the details about what you have to achieve to get the badge. My story is that I joined Zazzle a long time ago - 2004 to be exact - and created one, yes a grand total of one, design. Naturally I thought this was the apex of human artistic achievement and was disappointed when it didn't sell at once. So I left it and forgot about the world of print on demand and returned to drawing comics and fantasy art.

Literally years later I got an email from Zazzle saying "You recently sold 1 copy of your product, Bunny Boiler". I was so stunned that someone, somewhere had purchased one of my designs that I immediately embarked on a quest to reach pro seller status. Believe me, it's been quite tough spending time of designs convinced you've created something special and yet seeing that horrifying message when you filter the products you created by daily views and seeing 0 views. I hope that what I am selling is my own unique view and that others enjoy my designs enough to purchase them, and it still gives me a thrill when I get that email!
By the way here's the updated version of Bunny Boiler - the first thing I did after I got the sale notification

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