Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Corruption at the 2012 London Olympics

I don't consider myself naive. I understand that we live in a world where money and power count for a lot. It's a world populated by humans and human nature will never change.
Howerver, what most sickens me is when our government can run up a 9 billion pound bill hosting a drug cheat ridden competition that most people have little more than a passing interest in and sell it back to us as "accessible to all" whilst in reality a privileged few will cherry pick the best parts of it.
The Dispatches : Olympic Tickets for Sale on Channel 4 last night made for depressing, if unfortunately predictable, watching. In one example major roads in London will be diverted and blocked to allow altheletes and officials to reach their venues "on time". I suppose that elite atheletes who have reached the top of their game frequently roll out of bed and straight on to the track. I'm sure I saw Justin Gatlin run the 2004 100m finals in his pyjamas because he'd had a late one the previous night.
The reality? The routes pass in front of some of the most expensive hotels in London to allow those who have bought premium packages to be taken, bascially at our expense, straight to the venues in air conditioned limousines. Anyone caught using these lanes for any other purpose, maybe like work or education God forbid, will be caught (doubtless by a CCTV system that can't identify murderers), fined 200 pounds and probably CS gassed in the face as potential terrorists for good measure.
Here's the synopsis and more - Olympic Lanes for Sale

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