Thursday, 23 February 2012

Drawing of the Pharoah at Luxor Temple

luxor temple pharoah drawing
About 2 years ago, before the troubles in Egypt, I took a cruise down the Nile on a riverboat. If anyone wants to see a lot the temples and ancient architecture on both sides of the Nile and have a relaxing holiday I thoroughly recommend this type of holiday. All the excursions to the temples were prearranged, so it up early in the morning, do some sightseeing and then back to the boat for a filling lunch and some lazing out in the sun.
I tried to do some drawing and whilst I was at Luxor I drew one of the large pharoah statues that flank the entrance of the temple. This was done with a fine tipped pen straight onto paper without any pencils. I often like to work this way to challenge myself to get shapes down first time.

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