Friday, 10 February 2012

The Grey

Talking of wolves I went to see The Grey recently. I'm not sure how Liam Neeson suddenly became the poster boy for aging alpha male action films. Being quite tall and imposing he still gets away with it, especially here where he is swaddled in layers of winter clothing to hide any middle aged spread.
The entire movie seems to have actually have actually been filmed in the frozen wastes of Colarado or some equally desolate environment so I have to give credit for the cast's commitment. Neeson claims to have taken ten minute cold showers every day for a month before filming to acclimatise.
In short a plane crashes (very good scene), and Neeson rounds up the surviving passengers whilst growling orders and snippets of wolf centred wood craft at them to enable them to survive attentions of a pack of the vicious predators attracted by the carnage of the crash site. It isn't, however, as straight forward as that so as their predicament unfolds and we get more of Neeson's character's back story there is enough to keep the viewer interested right to the end.

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