Sunday, 5 February 2012

Underworld : Awakening 3D

On the subject of 3D movies went to see the latest in the Underworld series. It was quite entertaining although as usual the 3D added absolutely nothing. I have a member card to Cineworld but I still have to pay an extra fee to watch 3D films which is irritating
As I was watching it I thought - "Was this adapted from a comic?" being as the film's pacing had a particularly comic book feel. I noticed at the end that one of the writing credits was J. Michael Straczynski who among other things has written a lot of comics for Marvel, DC and Top Cow. This may or may not have had an effect, it's really just an observation more than anything.
It was entertaining, basically no worse or no better than the preceding films and they got the mix of live action and CG just right (unlike some of the hideously cheap looking effects in MI: Ghost Protocol) Kate Beckinsale still has an amazing figure, that leather costume looks as snug as ever and her weapon of choice is still a Beretta with an extra large magazine

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