Sunday, 12 February 2012

Stallone Caricature - pencil drawing

A lot of people pass what I think is quite harsh judgement on Stallone. Admittedly he has been in a lot of really poor films. Possibly the lowest point would be "Stop or My Mom will Shoot!" - a dreadful attempt to cash in by combining one of the cast of the then very popular Golden Girls with the violent action films of the early nineties.
He has speech impediment - "God he can't even speak right, he just drawls" as a lot of film snobs would point out. Hey, just wait a minute here, he suffered from a facial paralysis caused by a botched attempt to use forceps during his birth and despite this quite considerable handicap went on to write and play the lead in a massively iconic American film and star in many others becoming a huge box office draw in the process. Now that is drive and determination. How many people must have told him "You'll never be an actor Stallone - just give it up" when he started out? Yet he pressed on regardless. Wish I had one percent of his drive.
His commitment to any film role is what can be described as full on - even now he is late middle aged he threw himself into the action sequences of "The Expendables". Certainly in my mind he is committed as Daniel Day Lewis (a huge scenery chewing ham in my opinion) yet DDL is feted as an acting genius whilst Stallone is sneered at despite his turn in "Cop Land"
Anyway - he's got a great face to draw and caricature.

sylvester stallone caricature