Saturday, 18 February 2012

Walking Dead creators locked in legal battle

I am an avid fan of the Walking Dead and eagerly await the new series on freeview ( I ain't paying for the boobtube other than that stinking tax our scumbag imposes on us for just owning a TV). Anyway - I have stumbled across the news that Tony Moore is suing Robert Kirkman. Apparently Tony Moore, the co-creator artist for the first six comics, signed away all of his rights for reasons that can be read in the preceding link. To be honest when Charlie Adlard picked up the art duties after, apparently, Tony Moore couldn't make the deadlines, the series got that gritty, dark edge it really needed. I am old enough to know that when money is involved all concepts of friendship and comradeship fly out the window and the bigger the payoff the faster those ideas hurtle over the horizon, however it's still a bit sad.
Just makes me think that all those pages where we blithely click the "I Accept" box as, wide eyed and full of hope for the future, we upload our art to the internet will probably come back to bite us in the posterior.

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