Monday, 30 January 2012

Banksy inspired change to design

One of the artists I find most interesting is Banksy - the UK graffiti artist. His work has a wry sense of humour that sets it apart from most other graffiti artists and indeed a lot of "conventional" artists. Do I actually like graffiti? That's a difficult one. The problem with graffiti is it's very intrusive and although there are doubtless many talented artists involved with graffiti there are also a lot of unskilled morons scrawling nonsense and generally reducing the quality of life for people living in urban areas.
Anyway - on with the design. Ironically, after spending hours creating a lovely clean design using the pen tool I went back in and dirtied it up, adding the shadows and harsh lighting effect that Banksy employs, mainly with paint bucket and eraser tool.

Craic Dealer Urban Graffiti TShirt shirt

How it appears on a tshirt

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